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Firmware public stable v3.0.268 (10/12/2010) + v.3.0.275 (31/01/2011)

Le dernier firmware officiel "stable" en date sur le forum "NeoTV-550" de Netgear :

snip3rboy (Netgear) a écrit :

Un nouveau firmware stable est disponible pour la mise à jour, version 3.0.268.
Vous pouvez faire la mise à jour sur votre NTV550 en navigant depuis le menu d'accueil vers "Paramètres -> Système -> Mise à jour -> Mise à jour à partir d'Internet".
Vous pouvez également télécharger le fichier approprié à votre région (voir ci-dessous), le dézipper sur une clé USB, brancher la clé sur le NeoTV et naviguer depuis le menu d'accueil vers "Paramètres -> Système -> Mise à jour -> Mettre à jour à partir d'USB"

Netgear a écrit :

A new stable firmware release is available for update, version 3.0.268.

You can update automatically on your NTV550 by navigating from the Home screen to Settings -> System -> Update -> Update from Internet.

Or, you can download the file appropriate for your region below, unzip it to a USB flash drive, plug the drive into NTV550, and navigate from the Home screen to Settings -> System -> Update -> Update from USB.

NeoTV550 3.0.268 Release Notes :

Product: NETGEAR NeoTV550
Firmware Version: 3.0.268
Release Notes

* New resume playback feature
    o Resume playback is supported for all video types including DVD, but not for Bluray. (Some Bluray movies have their own resume capability)
    o Resume information is stored if at least 1 minute of the video has been watched, and at least 5 minutes or 5% of the video remains. If less then 5 minutes or 5% remain, the video is considered "watched". Note that resume information is not stored for very short videos (less than 2 mins)
    o Videos that are partially watched are shown with a "half circle" icon in list or cover view
    o Videos that are fully watched are shown with a "full circle" icon
    o If you start a video that is partially watched, you will see a popup dialog asking whether to resume or start from beginning. (You will not get a popup dialog for Blurays since they cannot be resumed)
    o Added "Recently watched" menu under Video
    o You can clear the resume history from the Recently watched menu, or from Settings -> System -> Advanced
    o Note, only media that is also in the library is listed under Recently Watched (it behaves like Recently Added in this respect)

* Revamped Music Now Playing screen
    o Big center cover shows currently playing track. Smaller covers to left/right show previous and next tracks. You can navigate the tracks using <Left> and <Right>. Press <OK> to resume playback at the selected track
    o The media popup bar is automatically shown in Music Now Playing. You can hide/show it using <Audio>
    o New behavior: to seek within a music track, use <FastFwd> and <Rewind> to enter fast seek mode

* Added support for Windows 7 Play To
    o NeoTV 550 appears as a device in Windows 7 Media Player
    o You can select media from Media Player and "Play To" NeoTV 550 (videos, music, photos)
    o You can control basic media playback (pause/resume, control volume, skip files, stop playback) from  Media Player
    o Added "Enable UPnP option in Settings -> System -> Advanced. Use this for troubleshooting if you are experiencing intermittent lockups. There are 3 setting options:
        - Enabled (with Play To)
        - Enabled (no Play To)
        - Disabled
* Added support for seamless m2ts playback
    o Useful for playing folders of camcorder m2ts videos
    o Videos are played sequentially and seamlessly with no gap between videos
    o You can FF/REW seamlessly across the videos
    o Use playlist navigation (show media popup bar and press <down>) to navigate the videos, or use <skip fwd> / <skip back>

* Added "queue to playlist mode"
    o By default, when you play a video, it will stop any currently playing video or slideshow. If you play music, it will stop any currently playing music.
    o To queue additional videos or music, turn on "queue to playlist mode" by pressing the <Angle> button. This is a toggle mode which you can turn on and off. When you toggle the mode, a popup message briefly appears indicating the new mode
    o When queue to playlist mode is on, media that you play using  <OK> or <Play> will be added to the playlist at the end. (When the mode is off, the new media will stop the old media.)
    o Media in the playlist is shown with a bar icon next to the media in list view. You can remove media from the playlist by selecting the media and pressing <OK>
    o Media that is currently playing is shown with an arrow icon in list view mode

* Added support for Russian language
    o Go to Settings -> User interface to select language
    o Added on screen keyboard language toggle. When the keyboard is visible, press <aA> to toggle on screen keyboard layouts (US/FR/GR/RU). This is useful for toggling between Russian keyboard and US keyboard. (Note, the Russian keyboard layout is only available if Russian is the currently selected user interface language.)

* AutoFPS improvements
    o Fixed MKV stuttering when playing some 24fps content in 1080p24 mode
    o Fixed MOV stuttering when playing some 24fps content
    o Note, the stuttering was not AutoFPS related. These videos were previously stuttering whenever the display mode was set to 1080p24

* Wake On LAN improvements
    o Now only wakes up the server being accessed

* Fixed choppy playback when playing H.264 profile 5.0 and 5.1 videos

* Fixed inability to access Win7 shares after installation of Win7 Live Essentials

* Other fixes
    o Fixed intermittent crash while browsing media
    o Fixed crash accessing play lists
    o Fixed some USB drives with slow spin up not detected
    o Fixed "Clear BDLive cache" not working if cache is cleared prior to starting disc
    o Fixed lockups occurring with some network hubs
    o Fixed DVD playback getting stuck due to default audio track not set
    o Fixed DVD menu appearing stuck (i.e. could not move highlight in menu)
    o Fixed FLAC seek within track intermittent restarting from beginning of track
    o Fixed M2TS fast forward -> play intermittent showing black video
    o Fixed Update application not showing any picture on HDMI for some TVs
    o Fixed intermittent freeze in setup wizard when no shares are selected
    o Fixed intermittent lockup when resuming from standby with some USB plugged in
    o Update GUI now translated for German, French, Spanish
    o Crash on power off (full power off) from screensaver
    o Crash on navigate to update USB if no USB attached
    o Fixed HTML main page for non NA builds
    o Fixed  image cache location prompting
    o Fixed SD card not detected if plugged in prior to startup
    o Fixed Wifi connection failures
    o Fixed USB detection while playing Bluray (i.e. if you insert USB to BD cache location)
    o Reduced buffering before starting playback for non-Bluray media.
    o Improved rebuffer-on-stutter detection

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Re : Firmware public stable v3.0.268 (10/12/2010) + v.3.0.275 (31/01/2011)

Juste histoire de le signaler, Netgear a passé le firmware 3.0.275 du statut beta à officiel … 20V3.0.275

Netgear a écrit :

New Features & Bug Fixes:
* Fixed YouToube Playback.     
* Fixed AutoFPS detection for some frame rates.

Sans doute pour qu'on ne puisse pas leur dire que ça va faire bientôt 2 mois qu'ils n'ont pas sorti de firmware stable officiel tongue

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