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Firmware beta v3.0.282 (22/01/2011)

Nouveau firmware (beta) sur le forum "NeoTV-550 Beta Program" de Netgear :

snip3rboy (Netgear) a écrit :

Si vous ne voyez pas la résolution d'un de vos problèmes dans cette mise à jour, ne vous inquiétez pas. L'équipe multimédia de NETGEAR accélère la résolution des bugs et la prochaine beta arrivera plus vite. Certains changements sont significatifs (JPEG, Ethernet) donc nous surveillerons attentivement pour voir si parmi ces changements il n'y en a pas qui provoquent d'autres problèmes. Merci à tous de nous avoir rapporté vos problèmes sur notre site de support

Netgear a écrit :

2011.01.22 -- v3.0.282

Download links (right click the link appropriate for your region, and select Save Target As):     

If you don't see your issue here, don't worry. NETGEAR Multimedia team is accelerating the bug fixes and the next beta will not be such a long wait.
Some of the changes here are significant (JPEG, Ethernet) so we'll be monitoring closely to see if either of these changes are causing other problems.
Thanks everyone for reporting your issues to us and to our support site.

Release Notes :      

  • Subtitle improvements
              o Added support for PGS in MKV
              o Added support for non-Latin text subtitles (Greek, Russian, Polish, etc)
              o Fixed PGS subtitles from TSMuxer not displaying correctly

  • Fixed FLAC and M4A files not playing in track order from Live Folder Browsing

  • Faster m2ts prebuffering

  • Fixed intermittent freezes and coloration problems decoding some JPEG photos

  • Fixed photo aspect settings not working correctly with Zoom

  • Fixed crashes playing some MP4 files

  • Fixed compatibility problems with some switches/hubs

  • Fixed spurious password required prompt when accessing > 10 shares from Windows PCs

  • Fixed Restore Factory Defaults not showing GUI

  • Fixed "queue to playlist on/off" message not showing in music/photo LFB

  • Fixed intermittent crashes in Internet Channels menu

  • Fixed intermittent crashes related to DLNA servers on network

  • Fixed intermittent crashes when stopping videos

  • New behavior: browse by Video -> Folder, Music -> Folder, Photos -> Folder will exclude shares that are not set to be scanned for video / music / photos. (Shares that are set as "no media" are always listed.) You can continue to toggle selected shares / all shares

  • Fixed <Menu> button navigating to Now Playing in some instances. Also, adding music during slideshow now navigates back to slideshow after starting music

  • Recovery mode fixes
              o Added support for NTFS USB
              o Added additional language support
                Note: Update from the Main GUI (Settings -> System -> Update) to get these changes. Updating from Recovery Mode does not update the recovery mode itself

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