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Firmware public stable v3.0.325 (26/03/2011)

Le dernier firmware officiel "stable" en date sur le forum "NeoTV-550" de Netgear :

JonD (Netgear) a écrit :

Un nouveau firmware stable est disponible pour la mise à jour, version 3.0.325.
Vous pouvez faire la mise à jour sur votre NTV550 en navigant depuis le menu d'accueil vers "Paramètres -> Système -> Mise à jour -> Mise à jour à partir d'Internet".
Vous pouvez également télécharger le fichier approprié à votre région (voir ci-dessous), le dézipper sur une clé USB, brancher la clé sur le NeoTV et naviguer depuis le menu d'accueil vers "Paramètres -> Système -> Mise à jour -> Mettre à jour à partir d'USB"

Netgear a écrit :

A new stable firmware release is available for update, version 3.0.325.

You can update automatically on your NTV550 by navigating from the Home screen to Settings -> System -> Update -> Update from Internet.

Or, you can download the file appropriate for your region below, unzip it to a USB flash drive, plug the drive into NTV550, and navigate from the Home screen to Settings -> System -> Update -> Update from USB.

Release Notes :

    * Video playback improvements
          o Fixed BD ISO performance over SMB
          o Fixed microstutter every 42 seconds playing 24fps videos in 1080p24 mode
          o Fixed some MKVs playing very slowly due to wrong time scale
          o Fixed audio dropouts playing TrueHD in m2ts
          o Added support for FLAC audio in MKV
          o Fixed videos with AAC 5.1 audio being decoded to 2.0 not 5.1
          o Report Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus streams correctly in audio popup
          o Fixed crashes playing some MP4 files
          o Faster m2ts prebuffering
    * Auto FPS improvements
          o Fixed AutoFPS intermittently not working for 50Hz/60Hz
          o Fixed AutoFPS intermittently not working correctly for DVD
          o Fixed intermittent freezes with AutoFPS enabled
          o Fixed AutoFPS not switching correctly when resuming videos
          o AutoFPS now switches between 720/1080p50, 720/1080p60, 1080p24 (no interlaced modes)
    * Subtitle improvements
          o Added support for PGS in MKV
          o Added support for non-Latin text subtitles (Greek, Russian, Polish, etc)
          o Added support for ISO8859-7 (Greek), ISO8859-2 (Eastern Europe), Windows 1250 (Central Europe) subtitle encodings
          o Use Subtitle popup to select encoding
          o Fixed PGS subtitles from TSMuxer not displaying correctly
          o Fixed intermittent crashes in DVB subtitles, fixed enable/disable DVB subtitles
          o Fixed Karaoke subtitle animations causing video to stutter
    * DVD improvements
          o Fixed SkipFwd/SkipBk not working for main movie only rips
          o Fixed TimeSeek, Skip chapter not working after resume movie
          o Fixed audio/video not set properly after resume movie
    * Music improvements
          o Fixed audio dropouts playing high bitrate FLAC
          o Added support for FLAC 7.1
          o Fixed seeking within FLAC streams causing static after resume playback
          o Fixed FLAC and M4A files not playing in track order from Live Folder Browsing
          o Fixed multidisc music tracks not being played in order (need to delete/rescan your shares)
          o Track display now shows disc # if present
    * Internet Radio improvements
          o RadioTime rebranded as TuneIn Radio
          o Support for TuneIn Radio sign in / sign out
          o Support for managed presets
          o Support for RTSP streams
          o Fixed some MMS streams not playing
          o Note: some streams may not play correctly, this is a known issue
    * Photo/slideshow improvements
          o Fixed intermittent freezes and coloration problems decoding some JPEG photos
          o Fixed photo aspect settings not working correctly with Zoom
    * Live Folder Browsing improvements
          o New behavior: now use the color buttons (video/music/photo/source) to filter content within the folder
          o E.g. from within LFB Video, press <Music> to see music. Press <Music> again to go to top Music menu
          o New behavior: browse by Video -> Folder, Music -> Folder, Photos -> Folder will exclude shares that are not set to be scanned for video / music / photos.
          o Shares that are set as "no media" are always listed. You can continue to toggle selected shares / all shares
          o Added VOB files to live folder browsing
    * HDMI deep color mode
          o Fixed support for 36 bit deep color on HDMI
          o Added an option in Settings -> A/V -> Display to set deep color mode
    * USB support
          o Added support for multiple partitions on attached USB or eSATA devices
          o Improved HUB support
          o Fixed compatibility problems with some switches
    * Bug fixes
          o Fixed YouTube not playing due to server-side change
          o Fixed intermittent crashes when stopping videos
          o Fixed DLNA servers disappearing from browse folders
          o Fixed TVMode popup not showing correctly display resolution during video playback
          o Fixed support for playlists containing IP address references to media
          o Fixed crash if try to update from USB and no update images found
          o Fixed freeze that can occur if no DHCP server on network
          o Fixed intermittent freeze after stopping YouTube playing
          o Fixed spurious password required prompt when accessing > 10 shares from Windows PCs
          o Fixed Restore Factory Defaults not showing GUI
          o Fixed "queue to playlist on/off" message not showing in music/photo LFB
          o Fixed intermittent crashes related to DLNA servers on network
          o Fixed intermittent crashes in Internet Channels menu
          o Fixed <Menu> button navigating to Now Playing in some instances. Also, adding music during slideshow now navigates back to slideshow after starting music
          o Other stability related bug fixes
    * Recovery mode fixes
          o Added support for NTFS USB
          o Added additional language support (press Aa to toggle language)

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